Hotel Marktstad Schagen

Deluxe Suite

  • Deluxe suite
  • Kingsize bed

Hotel Markstad in Schagen has 65 spacious rooms and very comfortable hotel rooms, all with different views and experiences in various price ranges. The Ideal Hotel for a home office, a day out, a weekend away for relaxation on the coast, or for a business stay in Schagen.

The Deluxe Suite of Hotel Marktstad in Schagen is situated at the front of the hotel, giving you a beautiful view on the city of Schagen. The Deluxe Suite is equipped with all luxury amenities and facilities. The Deluxe Suite of Hotel Marktstad is extremely spacious with a large double bed (King Size), a lovely bath, a kitchen, a sitting area and a balcony. The Deluxe Suite has a luxurious appearance and is fashionably furnished with authentic wooden beams. The Deluxe Suite is easily accessible by stairs or lift.