Hotel Marktstad Schagen

Deluxe Studio with kitchen

  • living space: Deluxe suite
  • number of rooms: 1

Hotel Markstad in Schagen has 65 spacious rooms and very comfortable hotel rooms, all with different views and experiences in various price ranges. The Ideal Hotel for a home office, a day out, a weekend away for relaxation on the coast, or for a business stay in Schagen.

Are you looking for a beautiful room where you can cook for yourself? Then the Deluxe Studio with Kitchen is for you! Have a wonderful day out in Schagen and when you return, you can cook for yourself.

The Deluxe Studio with Kitchen and Balcony is equipped with all the necessities and facilities you would expect from a luxury 4-star hotel. Of the 65 hotel rooms, 34 have their own kitchen with refrigerator, multifunctional microwave/oven and electric cooker with extractor fan, which makes them extremely suitable for short and long stays.