Hotel Marktstad Schagen

Comfort room

  • living space: between 35m² and 42m²
  • with a Smart TV

Hotel Markstad in Schagen has 65 spacious rooms and very comfortable hotel rooms, all with different views and experiences in various price ranges. The Ideal Hotel for a home office, a day out, a weekend away for relaxation on the coast, or for a business stay in Schagen.

Are you looking for a comfortable room for an attractive price? Then the Comfort Room is the perfect room for you!

The Comfort Rooms of Hotel Marktstad are the perfect location for a relaxing and unique experience right in the centre of Schagen. The Comfort Rooms are all spacious and between 35m² and 42m². The Comfort Room is equipped with all necessities and facilities, such as a modern bathroom, coffee/tea facilities and a Smart TV. The room has a luxurious appearance due to the modern layout of the room.